GStreamer on freedesktop

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Wed Dec 10 10:28:48 EET 2003

On Wednesday 10 December 2003 02:05, you wrote:
> > The problem with gstreamer, is that the design choices are by no means
> > agnostic. It's designed to fit in and fill some of the voids in the
> > GNOME-environment,
> It is the first time I have ever ran across your name.  I myself have
> been working on GStreamer for what I think is close to 3 years now.  I
> don't really see why you think you can make such claims when you don't
> even know how GStreamer was designed and I have never known you to be
> involved with GStreamer.
I dont need to know the history of GStreamer to talk about its design 
(although I should have been more carefull with my wording). 
I my eyes GStreamer is not as much a multimedia platform as a framework, that 
connects various backends, codecs and filters. KDE and Qt already is a 
framework, what we need is a new sound-backend and a closer integration with 
our codecs. From that perspective it seems difficult to cherry-pick the parts 
of GStreamer some of us like.

If the focus of GStreamer was interoperability, I think you(we?) should focus 
on a way we could share backends, codecs and filters between projects (like 
arts and beast have tried to develop CSL). This would not make KDE use 
GStreamer, but allow us both the share the same code for your codecs and 

`Allan (Hoping I am starting to sound less like flamebait)

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