shared-mime-info implementation

Matthew Allen fret at
Mon Dec 15 05:45:50 EET 2003

I've started a LGPL shared-mime-info lib for applications here:

Maybe someone would like to add it to the list of current implementors:

It's not complete (or fast) and I would be happy to accept patches, comments and flames. If someone would like to host a CVS directory for it that would be great as well. Even if it mostly overlaps the (seemingly MIA) implementation then I'll still work on it as it fulfills a need for non-GPL compatible applications on Linux that would like to use shared-mime-info. I've deliberately used the same API to be compatible.

When will we see KDE and Gnome start using shared-mime-info? As their current mime-type lists are less than compatible. e.g. KDE's use of 'text/x-csv' verses freedesktop's 'x-comma-separated-values'. This seriously effects applications interoperability and things like XDND which are handle data types via mime typing.

Originally I was writing a shared-mime-info reader implementation inside my own widget library:
But decided to make it separate so others could use it without the surrounding LGI support classes.

On an unrelated note, I'm wondering whether there is any interest in a XCB ( port of LGI ( It currently uses Xlib and I'm looking for ways to optimize it's throughput and latency. LGI was always been a "to the metal" sort of thing (for me), but there'd be a fair bit of work wouldn't there, to port it? The xcb team seem to be interested in a port of Qt and Gtk+ someday. For testing?

Matthew Allen
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