Lars Hallberg spam at micropp.se
Fri Dec 19 01:36:35 EET 2003

Keith Packard wrote:

>Lars Knoll has asked that a feature from Qt available on Windows and OSX 
>be available under X.  In those systems, applications may set an overall 
>opacity value for their top level windows which the system uses to 
>modulate the window content as it is composited to the desktop.  Please 
>find a proposal for a simple addition to the wm-spec.xml file.  I've 
>implemented this in xcompmgr and transset, but without window manager 
>cooperation, applications won't be able to use this capability as it 
>requires reflecting any application window property value up to the frame 
>where the composting manager can see it.

Sorry for this all to basic and not helpful question... But I just find 
this *too* exiting :-)

If I understand You right, X  do now suport semitransparant windows so 
the directFB hack with transparent unfokused windows only needs a 
windowsmanager to suport it? I have been strongly beleving this was a 
directFB hack only.

I love 'fokus folows the mouse', but it needs obvius feedback for where 
fokus is. Windows decoration is not *realy* enuf, transparent windows is!

Whith aplication being able to set an opacity this have to be combined. 
An example is better then my broken english:

wm: focused window 100% opasity
wm: unfokused window 50% opasity
app: 80% opasity -> focused 80%, unfokused 40%

That sems sane, but might not nessesarly be part of the spec.


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