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Daniel Stone daniel at
Mon Dec 22 00:23:53 EET 2003

On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 07:04:15AM +0900, TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki wrote:
> I'm maintainer of uim, which is multilingual input method library and
> hosted on
> You made svn repository for us month ago, and it works fine :-) 
> Thanks a lot!
> Today, I have a request. Now we are happy, but if we can make public our
> repository, we'll be more happy.
> I think there are some way to publication. Using svnserve or ViewCVS.
> Whichever is sufficient way, I just want to exhibit the repository.
> Is this possible request?

Phwoar. :)

I will get ViewCVS and SVN-over-HTTP support up and working soon - I
need to add ACL support to the freedesktop box (which we should've done
a long time ago, IMO) first.

:) d

(If this isn't done in a week or so, poke me.)

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