Session Management Proposal

Ray Strode halfline at
Mon Dec 29 12:11:57 EET 2003

Hi Olivier,

>What about using the wm-spec?
It's conceivable to me that an application may
want to be session managed but not map any windows
(at least initially).

In general, I think that the session manager is
concerned with information about the client as a whole,
and the properties you mention are more suited toward
individual windows.

>3) About Client Role, there is the _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE.

Note also that one of the problems session managers
can potentially face is the lost panel problem where
users end up with messed up sessions that lack a panel. 
Ideally, the session manager should be able to look and
see if at least one panel is running or not.  DOCK
windows cover much broader range than just panels.  For
instance, say a user with a weather forecasting desktop
applet somehow unintentionally loses the panel from
his/her session.  If the session manager only checked
for DOCK windows then it would see the weather desktop
applet and not realize there is no panel.

>I jump to an other subsubject. I will be interested to know what are
>you paln about gnome-smproxy? About this I've a complaint:
I don't currently have any plans to work on gnome-smproxy.
Old applications have a lot more interoperability problems
than just session management.  I think right now it's
better for me to work on things that benefit more people



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