Session Management Proposal

Ray Strode halfline at
Mon Dec 29 23:27:49 EET 2003


>Ok, so IMHO you should indicate at the the beginning of the Client
>Identification section that you are going to add new predefined
>properties in the sense of section 11 of the SM spec.
I think that's a very good idea.  I've added it to the
overview instead, though, because properties are going to be
the principal way to extend the session manager and the session
manager needs more extensions than just stuff to do with client
identification.  How's this look:

@@ -34,7 +34,16 @@
       This document serves to extend, clarify and when necessary
       override the XSMP for improved session management within
       desktop environments through the Desktop Session Management
-      Extensions (DSME).
+      Extensions (DSME).  The document will extend the XSMP
+      through the use of newly defined properties.  These
+      properties should be treated similiarly to the properties
+      that are defined in section 11 of the XSMP.  Namely, each
+      property, regardless of type, should be packed into a
+      LISTofARRAY8 when sent to the session manager.  Also,
+      unless explicitly stated otherwise, all properties should
+      be first set after the client sends a "RegisterClient"
+      message but before the client sends a "SaveYourselfDone"
+      message.

Feel free to reword it however you like, if it's not clear enough.

>  Also, maybe,
>the "NET" prefix can cause some confusion.
Yea that is one of the initial things that I was
hoping to find out about.  is "_NET_" strictly for
the ewmh spec (or authors), or is it the
organizational prefix for all specs and things that
are destined for  I am sorta
thinking the latter just because if the prefix
were just for the ewmh spec then I would think the
prefix would have been "_EWMH_" or something of that
nature.  Anyway, I have no problem changing it, but
I would like to find out if it should be changed.


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