Session Management Proposal

Ray Strode halfline at
Tue Dec 30 01:40:31 EET 2003

Hi George,

>A common thing would be nice, but really so far there are 2 different
>implementations GDM (only in the CVS version though) and KDM and so I don't
>think it's a huge issue anyway - just implement both so far.  GDM allows
>querying which actions are available and that's really the only thing where
>it differs from KDM.  That's the only difference.
That seems like the simplist solution for now.

>Well, yeah, this is the other difference.  GDM only supports scheduling a
>shutdown/reboot after the session from which it was requested ends.
>Scheduling a shutdown would also be useful in GDM I suppose.  Other then that
>it's then really up to the session manager to figure out what DM is running
>and what are it's capabilities.  And if consolehelper is available it can
>fall back on that is the current gnome-session does (it doesn't use gdm sup
>protocol yet I don't think).
Yea that sounds good to me.


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