Proposed Browser Bookmark Sharing Standard.

Akkana Peck akkana at
Thu Jul 3 03:22:37 EEST 2003

Alexander Kellett writes:
> main ones left then is nautilus (not really a problem according
> to various people on, and mozilla, which is the
> biggie. any mozilla people around?

I've been lurking.  I'm involved with mozilla <disclaimer>but haven't
been involved at all with mozilla's bookmark code</disclaimer>.

So I had a look.  It appears to use its own parser (nsBookmarksService.cpp)
to parse bookmarks.html into the RDF which is used internally.  An
XBEL-to-RDF parser would be needed.  Does galeon already implement one?

The other issue is that mozilla has the concept of user "profiles".
Assuming one common XBEL bookmarks.xml file per user doesn't work in a
multiple profile per user environment.  So perhaps it might be easier
for mozilla to keep its current bookmark system, and just add
import/export functions?

Alternately, though, there used to be a preference long ago,
"browser.bookmark_file", allowing an alternate bookmark file location.
Perhaps that could be revived, and if it points to *.xml, then call an
XBEL parser, else use the existing code.  Then at least it would be
possible to use the common bookmark file from profiles where that was


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