StartupNotify in .desktop spec?

Michael Terry mterry at
Sun Jul 6 05:39:04 EEST 2003

Hello.  I just noticed that the keys StartupNotify and StartupWMClass 
are not in the (apparently) most recent version of the .desktop spec 
posted at

I remember that there was discussion at one point that felt .desktop 
files were the right place to put this information, so I'm unsure why 
they are not in there yet.

In case it is due to a mere lack of a patch, I have included a patch 
below to put these into the spec (I note that GTK+ 2 applications 
support startup notification, but does a version of KDE yet support the 
xdg startup notification?  I couldn't tell by a quick google):

--- desktop-entry-spec.sgml     2003-07-05 22:33:32.000000000 -0400
+++ 2003-07-05 22:33:03.000000000 -0400
@@ -401,6 +401,26 @@
+           <entry>StartupNotify</entry>
+           <entry>
+              whether the application supports the xdg startup 
notification protocol.  Note that GTK+ 2 applications automatically 
support startup notification.
+           </entry>
+           <entry>boolean</entry>
+           <entry>NO</entry>
+           <entry>NO</entry>
+               <entry>1</entry>
+         </row>
+         <row>
+           <entry>StartupWMClass</entry>
+           <entry>
+              WM_CLASS value of the main application window.  This is 
used to avoid ending startup notification on a splash-screen.
+           </entry>
+           <entry>string</entry>
+           <entry>NO</entry>
+           <entry>NO</entry>
+               <entry>1</entry>
+         </row>
+         <row>
                if entry is swallowed onto the panel, this should be the 
title of window


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