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Wed Jul 9 16:53:10 EEST 2003

On Wednesday 09 July 2003 14:39, Koblinger Egmont wrote:
> > Please take a look at my version of the desktop specification, it
> > collects the comments discussed in this list:
> >
> >
> > if there are no complains, i'll put it on the website on saturday.
> Hi,
> Some minor comments:
> - <offtopic> Currently html version of 0.9.3 on gives
> a 403 forbidden :(  So does the html version of Desktop Menu
> Specification </offtopic>

we know :(

> - The release date doesn't appear in the html version, even though the xml
> version contains it. It would be nice to see it in the html one, too.
i will edit the stylesheet to display it when it goes online.

> - I'd like to revert chapter numbering, that is, repacing <sect1> with
> <sect0> or <chapter> or I-don't-know-what in the xml file, if it is
> possible with the DTD. Currently appendices seem to be one level higher
> than sections, and so their title are typeset with bigger fonts in html.
size fixed.

> - Appendix C says .kdelnk and [KDE Desktop Entry] are deprecated. All
> references of .kdelnk were removed from the main part of the document,
> however, [KDE Desktop Entry] is still present there. I'd personally remove
> [KDE Desktop Entry] from the "Basic format of the file" chapter and only
> mention it under appendix C.
forget to remove that, fixed.

> - Legacy-Mixed: "pt" is mentioned twice for ISO-8859-1, "wa" isn't put in
> alphabetical order, same for "ga cy".

> - When I proposed about 2 weeks ago that having a Terminal=true without an
> Exec should launch the terminal, Havoc suggested to rather have two
> desktop files with OnlyShowIn fields. Let's suppose I want to use konsole
> for KDE and xterm for everything else. I create a .desktop file for
> konsole with OnlyShowIn=KDE; and one for xterm with
> OnlyShowIn=GNOME;ROX;XFCE; but in this case I have to update this field
> every time a new freedesktop-friendly windowing system appears. So I'd
> rather see it possible to tell "everything except KDE" instead of
> enumearting all of them. An obvious solution would be to introduce
> the DontShowIn key. Other solutions might be OnlyShowIn=!KDE but this one
> seems to be a little bit braindamaged to me. Any ideas?
> - The definition of OnlyShowIn came from Desktop Menu Spec I think. It
> would be nice to include the possible values here, or at least give a
> pointer to them.

> - What's the difference between NoDisplay and Hidden?
> - My biggest headache, the exact interpretation of Exec's value is still
> open, I think it should be addressed for 0.9.5 or 0.9.6. Now I understand
> that the system() call (or something similar, e.g. sh -c) is used but
> taking care to properly escape filenames. However as it highly depends on
> in which contect the given exec parameter appears, a trivial variant of
> the shell's parsing has to be duplicated. I see it important to specify
> this minimal syntax, for two reasons: 1) for the .desktop file's creator
> to know what he is allowed to do and how his exec line will work, 2) for a
> desktop system's programmer to know what to do for these .desktop files to
> work correctly. I'll try to study current Gnome and KDE implementation and
> propose a possible specification if I'll have time to, but as any of us, I
> also have plenty of other things to do, so I cannot promise anything... :(
> cheers,
> Egmont
mfg, Heinrich :)

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