Desktop Specification 0.9.4

George jirka at
Wed Jul 9 19:21:05 EEST 2003

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 02:39:46PM +0200, Koblinger Egmont wrote:
> - When I proposed about 2 weeks ago that having a Terminal=true without an
> Exec should launch the terminal, Havoc suggested to rather have two
> desktop files with OnlyShowIn fields. Let's suppose I want to use konsole
> for KDE and xterm for everything else. I create a .desktop file for
> konsole with OnlyShowIn=KDE; and one for xterm with
> OnlyShowIn=GNOME;ROX;XFCE; but in this case I have to update this field
> every time a new freedesktop-friendly windowing system appears. So I'd
> rather see it possible to tell "everything except KDE" instead of
> enumearting all of them. An obvious solution would be to introduce
> the DontShowIn key. Other solutions might be OnlyShowIn=!KDE but this one
> seems to be a little bit braindamaged to me. Any ideas?

I like the DontShowIn idea, and it's pretty simple to implement too.  I can
see other uses for this then just the terminal.  For example, suppose there
is an app, that is replaced by some funky desktop functionality in desktop
XXX, then using DontShowIn=XXX would make the XXX menus seem sane.

> - The definition of OnlyShowIn came from Desktop Menu Spec I think. It
> would be nice to include the possible values here, or at least give a
> pointer to them.

Yes this would be good.


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