Contacts and Calendars Standard

Jeroen ten Berge Jeroen.ten.Berge at
Wed Jul 16 09:18:38 EEST 2003

> Van: Martin Konold [mailto:martin.konold at]
> > mail to get corrupted. I hope everybody will drop mbox and 
> mbx in favor of
> > Maildir, i've yet to hear any reason why not...
> While I personally prefer maildir very much there are 
> legitimate reasons to 
> like mbox. E.g. less space used on harddisk and more 
> efficient on some legacy 
> filesystems.
Is that an issue with desktop systems ? I don't think so, the cheapest current desktop goes around for $ 150,- in thailand being subsidised by their government, all be it kind a light, it still has minimum of 10 GB harddisks with a celeron processor high above 500MHz, so i don't think that that will pose a problem, who uses a 386 desktop these days ? Are they going to run the bleeding edge desktops using the freedesktops specs ? I don't think so...

> In addition I have doubts if defining mailbox formats is on topic for 
> xdg-list at
We're not talking about the format itself, but where the standard place has to be so that all MUA's can get to it by default and use it by default.


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