Contacts and Calendars Standard

Jeroen ten Berge Jeroen.ten.Berge at
Wed Jul 16 15:09:44 EEST 2003

> On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 02:51:38PM -0400, Navindra Umanee wrote:
> > Daniel Farrell <daniel at> wrote:
> > > For mailboxes, I'm really not very interested in having 
> this interact
> > > with your local mailserver.  Let the MUA pull the mail 
> from those other
> > > locations and put it in the standard desktop location.  
> I'm talking a
> > > local store so if you are in Gnome you open balsa or 
> evolution and look
> > > at your mail.  Then you log in under KDE and open KMail 
> and you are
> > > working with the same local mailboxes.
> > 
> > Isn't there a defacto Unix location already?  ~/mail/ (possibly with
> > ~/Mail/ symlinked to it)...
> Perhaps we should be making a standard system to *find* the 
> location of the
> mail, rather than hard-coding it.
> Mail is important user data, so it shouldn't be in either 
> XDG_DATA (public sharable data). If it's just a cache for a 
> remote IMAP
> tree, then it could go in XDG_CACHE_HOME, but otherwise it 
> should be more
> visible.
Note that a lot of home users i know, have a user account for each family member, usually each familymember has a personal email account, and also they have a shared mail account...
I'd like to see for these homeusers a simple choice on first startup of a MUA wether they want a shared mailbox AND/OR a personal mailbox storage, the shared one should reside in XDG_SHARED or whatever, the personal storage should be in XDG_PERSONAL_DATA or whatever. This would be helpfull for starting users.

> This also makes it easier to have multiple profiles (eg, 
> 'work' and 'home'
> mail dirs).
> So we need:
> - A file (or one file per profile) under XDG_CONFIG_DIRS containing:
>   - The location of the mail (~/Mail, ~/mail, ~/.mail, 
> ~/Work/Mail etc)
>   - Username/password/server/etc for fetching mail.
>   - Location of the local inbox file.
> - A locking system.
And possibly a shared maildir location...


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