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George Staikos staikos at
Fri Jul 18 01:02:10 EEST 2003

On Thursday 17 July 2003 17:45, Jody Goldberg wrote:
> I don't understand your logic on this.  If every platform module
> re-implements basic data structures internally or in their
> interfaces we end up with N _additional_ sets of interfaces to map
> from.
> The goal here is not to force 'one true library' into all of the
> projects.  That is clearly never going to happen.  However, one of the
> main barriers to using any of the common platform libraries is
> packaging.  KDE developers know that their users will have a certain
> set of libraries available.  For them to depend on something that
> uses glib is more perilous.  If we can reach some agreement to
> include some of those platform level libraries in this new
> desktop-base release, that hurdle is removed.

  I think we're crossing issues here as Havoc warned.  This isn't about 
libjpeg, libpng, etc.  Agreeing on those is of course important.

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