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Jeff Waugh jdub at
Fri Jul 18 10:49:31 EEST 2003

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

> So that's it. I believe these changes would make more
> useful, and remove some of the ways that it bottlenecks on me.  Comments
> are welcome.  Please feel free to post "me too" or send me private mail,
> as otherwise it's hard to judge consensus.

Here's a deep support 'me too'. This is a very important move, and I'm happy
to help get this on the GNOME release roadmap. From a GNOME POV, it would be
great if we could have a freedesktop platform release schedule in the next
six months, as that will co-incide with our 2.6 development period (and it
looks like that would sync up fairly well with KDE's next-next release too).

Thanks Havoc,

- Jeff

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