date DND

Matthias Clasen maclas at
Sun Jul 20 22:28:59 EEST 2003

Am Son, 2003-07-20 um 04.17 schrieb Owen Taylor:
>  - Say that the DND data type is just the year-month-day triplet
>    as displayed to the user, so if you have one app displaying
>    Julian calendar dates, and one program displaying proleptic 
>    Gregorian dates, and you drag 'May 29, 1453', you get 
>    'May 29, 1453' not 'June 7, 1453'. 
> While the last may seem conceptually wrong, it does have the
> advantages of being easy to implement, easy to understand for
> the user, and of handling the case where the programmer has no 
> idea what sort of date they are displaying.

Yes, this is basically what I have in mind: a very simple format similar
to application/x-color in spirit (where we also omit colorspace, gamma,
and other things which 90% of the destinations probably don't have a use
for anyway).

Regarding the inclusion of time, I have thought about this some more and
think that it would be better to have separate formats for date+time and
time. The reason is that it is likely that a destination accepts date
but has no use for time information (like GtkCalendar). If time is an
optional part of a combined format, this decision can't be made based on
the type, but one has to actually get the data, see what it contains,
and then reject time-only information.


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