Default browser setting

Ettore Perazzoli ettore at
Wed Jul 23 20:36:47 EEST 2003


after the issue came up for the n-th time on the Evolution mailing list
today, I wonder what the latest word is on getting the desktop's browser
setting?  I.e. how do I figure out what browser my application is
supposed to launch when a link is clicked?

Many Evolution users actually run the app under KDE or other desktops,
so they don't want Evolution to use the GNOME browser setting (which is
what it currently does).  They want it to use the browser that the rest
of the desktop is using.

Has this been discussed before?  (I am new to the list, and I tried to
Google around a little bit but I didn't find much.)

Would it even make sense to have an XSETTING for this?

-- Ettore

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