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Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Fri Jul 25 14:04:38 EEST 2003

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On Friday 25 July 2003 11:15, Heinrich Wendel wrote:
> Sorry if this idea seams a bit radical, but the whole legacy stuff can make
> a lot of problems (which we not have figured out all). I do see why it is
> covered in the spec, but I also think it would not be much work to convert
> all legacy to non-legacy per hand (for a kde 3.2 release e.g.). So my
> proposal is to drop the Legacy stuff completly.

KDE considers compatibility with existing installations very important so we 
will implement legacy support one way or the other. Most (all?) applicatons 
that we will ship with KDE 3.2 will install .desktop files according to the 
new spec though. 

I can see how the spec as well as new implementation would want to focus on 
the situation where we would like to be without carrying a lot of legacy 
stuff with it. The original idea was to provide ISV's with a clean (spec'ed) 
way to support both legacy-style and new-style menu installations but after 
seeing the script that one ISV currently uses to install a .deskop file in 
the various distributions I'm afraid I have to conclude that that is a 
pipe-dream anyway.

So from a KDE point of view I don't have strong objections to dropping it from 
the spec. It would mean that KDE will not be strictly conforming to the spec, 
but I don't consider that a big issue.

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