Default browser setting

Lars Hallberg lah at
Sat Jul 26 01:46:27 EEST 2003

Christophe Fergeau wrote:

>I meant "if the uri refers to a .ps file and I have a ps viewer which knows to access to this uri I want to directly open it in this viewer (instead of launching a browser which will propose me this very same viewer...)".

Att least for http, i would not look up the type based on the uri:s 

Every second website invent ther own extensions that in the end deliver 
something completly else :-/ The http headers have to be retreved. Guess 
the vfs librarys solves this to.

To Rodney, regarding vfs-library vs filesystemlevel vfs I can se 
advantages with vfs-librarys... Just don't want to give up the 
abstraction 'everything is a file (visably thru the fs)' that easy ;-)

It have worked quite well so far, and i gues the vfs library maintains 
it internaly att some level.

Later kernels suport userspace fs so thers no obvius need to wait 
infinitly for kernel fixes. Hopefully both worlds can coexist, and 
hopfully a filesystemlevel vfs implementation can us a good and mature 
vfs-library - to not duplicate effort (and memory usage).


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