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On Monday 28 July 2003 22:23, George Staikos wrote:
> Is there any standard, or plans for a standard, for users to install
> plugins and/or desktop apps without root access?  It's been pointed out
> that putting plugins in the application data directory is bad because it
> should be cross platform.  It would be nice if users could install (in a
> distro/OS neutral way) to their home directory somehow.  This might even
> lead to the ability to share some of these types of things in the future.
> For instance: I am developing a scientific application right now and root
> access is just not always possible for the users.  The plugins are actually
> just plain C objects with an XML interface description.  Other applications
> use these plugins as well, and it would be nice if they all could look in
> the same place for their plugins.  With a defined standard, we could enable
> this sort of behaviour.

The XDG Base dir spec uses ~/.local/share to store data files under $HOME with 
the idea that ~/.local/bin and ~/.local/lib can be used for applications. 
Basically it considers ~/.local the single-user equivalent of /usr

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