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David Faure dfaure at
Wed Jun 11 12:01:32 EEST 2003

On Tuesday 10 June 2003 12:23, Heinrich Wendel wrote:
> Ok, they still should be mentioned in the standard, but it should be more 
> clear that they are deprecated. I wrote an update to the spec, take a look at 
> (.sgml). What I 
> did is: Added Jonathan's @Modifier patch, collected all deprecated items in 
> one appendix and redesigned the Standard Keys table.

About the deprecated section:
* Typo: .applnk should be .kdelnk (I assume this is about KDE-1 files)
* "Deprecated" keys still used by KDE:
  ServiceTypes, DocPath, Keywords
The whole Service/ServiceTypes thing is definitely a KDE extension (we use
the same .desktop-file mechanism for components as we use for apps). I
would want to see it marked as "KDE-specific", but not as "deprecated".
This will definitely remain in the future. And it's certainly too late to prefix it
with X-KDE...
Not sure what DocPath exactly is - well it looks like the relative path to the
app's docu, so maybe this too could be marked as "KDE specific".
Same thing for Keywords, we use it for KControl modules. Can it be marked as
"KDE specific" too?

On the other hand the paragraph about "DefaultApp" should really be
moved to the 'deprecated section'. That paragraph mentions, without naming it,
the "InitialPreference" field that KDE uses, but this will have to change at
some point in the future, I'll see what comes out of the mimetype spec on this
matter. Anyway, in KDE InitialPreference is "still in use but will be deprecated",
so I'm fine with it being marked as deprecated already, but for sure "DefaultApp" 
is totally dropped and has been for long (and Gnome doesn't have mimetype
.desktop files, so probably no use for DefaultApp either).

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