desktop-agnostic keychain system?

Simon D Howard sdh300 at
Tue May 13 21:30:55 EEST 2003

In using browsers under linux I find that each tends to store login 
passwords for websites, but seems to store them seperately from every 
other browser. Would it be a good idea to split off password storage such 
as this into a generalised seperate library? Ie. create a generalised 
keychain system for storing information cross-browser.

This could be extended to other applications. I have a program that 
accesses FTP sites and stores their passwords, for example. I can think of 
other uses: storing login passwords or private keys for ssh, and with web 
services becoming popular it could be useful for projects like mono as 

I posted this on the epiphany list as a suggestion for GNOME originally, 
but it was pointed out this would be even more useful as a 
desktop-agnostic system.

What do people think of this? I'm willing to work on such a system if 
there is interest in the idea.

Please CC: me replies as I'm not subscribed to this list.


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