That 'vision' thing (Tuomas has a logo proposal)

Lars Hallberg spam at
Thu Nov 6 19:23:01 EET 2003

Lars Hallberg wrote:

> Guess that most browsers that don't know CSS choose the clasic: blu 
> links, purple for visited links. The way around is to make the 
> bakground classic (grey or white). Then the backround can be changed 
> with CSS soo You ether get a readable classic look without CSS, or the 
> 'intended' look with CSS. Grey would be best in this case if some 
> browser goof up and change the links to white but not the background :-)

Looking into the code.... I see no reason for a non CSS browser to 
render a blue background - and dillo don't do it ether.

Do You have a browser with CSS suport, but broken CSS suport? Like and 
old IE or NS4?

In that case I leave the problem up to someone that have such browser to 
experiment with. The 'broken CSS'-generation of browser is *hard* to 
suport, and it's not easyer that they comes in allot of versions broken 
in slightly different ways. I'm afraid the only foolprof way is to 
simply not have a blue background for links :-(

I'm an arogant bastard that mostly given up on thes users :-/ Someone 
shuld set up a downlod of NS2/3 or somthing for this poor people 
(asuming they have a reason not to upgrade).


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