kdrive touchscreen + mouse

Robert Woerle robert at paceblade.com
Tue Nov 11 13:44:34 EET 2003


I am fighting kdrive to introduce him my touchscreen device ....
with the help of Matthew Allum
i manage to get speaking and also my protocol working .

Unfortunately until now it is either Touchscreen or mouse support ( both 
does not work ) since
we do a #ifdef`s at certain points of the compilation
like in kinput.c

static KdMouseFuncs     *kdTsFuncs;

and later in there

        if (pDev->on)
            pDev->on = FALSE;
            pKdPointer = 0;
            if (kdMouseFuncs)
                (*kdMouseFuncs->Fini) ();
            if (kdTsFuncs)
                (*kdTsFuncs->Fini) ();

Can someone help me to get rid of these ifdefs`s and so be able to use 
touchscreen and mouse at the same time

Cheers Robert

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