shared-mime-info's terminology

Christian Neumair chris at
Sun Nov 16 03:45:50 EET 2003

Hi there!
Some days ago our translation guru over at GNOME (Christian Rose, aka
menthos) pointed out that shared-mime-info should be translated.
I tried to do so and noted the following:
- Inconsistencies ("KIllustrator document" vs. just "KFormula")
- Grammatically weird stuff ("C sources"/"C headers"/"Archives" - why
- Capitalizing inconsistent ("Shared library" vs. "signed message";
"Dreamcast rom" vs. GNOMEish "Dreamcast ROM" while I like the latter
- pot file has been committed to CVS - this is generated/refreshed each
time you run intltool so it seems to be braindead
Although I really like the idea of a shared mime system, I fear that it
might result in some kind of chaos if we don't have unified notation
I'd even volunteer for improving the situation, we just need agreements


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