Enhanced Trash functionality

Andrew Sobala aes at gnome.org
Fri Nov 28 01:35:10 EET 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 16:57, p.carsten at arcor.de wrote:
> Hi folks,
> interesting thoughts about the trash. Is it not just the undelete feature you are missing? Well, I allways thought of the trashbin as just another M$ example how to not fix the real problem but to pretend to be "innovative" and pitch a new "feature" or "technologie".
> Wouldn't you like a cool undelete feature on the filesystem level? Otherwise I bet when I have the need to recover a file I will have  forgotten to use the "tra" or the app just hasn't had support for it or for any other non transparent tool.

Don't forget the fundamental difference about trash and undelete: stuff
in the trash is persistent and will exist until the user specifically
empties the trash. Files deleted from the filesystem could vanish at any
time. You can't treat them the same or the user will be surprised when
deleted files really vanish for good.

Andrew Sobala <aes at gnome.org>
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