HAL 0.1 release

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Wed Oct 1 20:39:45 EEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 01:44, Carlos Perelló Marín wrote:
> I did just installed it (from CVS) and it looks great.
> Only some comments:
> It does not work with ieee1394 devices :-P :

Hi Carlos,

That's right.. it only presently works with USB devices. I should have
mentioned this in the release notes more explicitly.

> got msg!
> message name=org.freedesktop.Hal.agent.DeviceRemoved; sender=:1-3
> string:
> (unknown arg type 12)
> message name=org.freedesktop.Hal.agent.DeviceRemoved; sender=:1-3
> in handleDeviceRemoved

That does looks like my code...

> Segmentation Fault

Yes it's my code ;-).. 

Haven't seen segfaults for a long time though. Was that with a IEEE1394
device? Please post more details in bugzilla.freedesktop.org.

> The "(unknown arg type 12)" appears also with an USB photo camera 

My bad. I nicked the printmsg from dbus and it doesn't do dictionaries.
There is still way too much debug information in hald. Did it segfault
with the USB device as well?

> Also, I don't know where is the gnome_hal_watcher that you talk about
> inside the README.

Oh.. it's not in CVS (and it won't be on freedesktop.org since it's
gnome specific) but there is a tarball on hal.freedesktop.org.

> I will look at the code and I will start the specs proposal merge soon.

Excellent - looking forward to seeing that.

> >  o  Device info files are python scripts. I'm not unhappy to change this
> >     to an XML based format if a lot of people feel strongly about this.
> >     In particular it would be have the opinion of distributors. 
> I think that hal is a core application and some distributions will not
> be happy adding python as a distribution core (I think that FreeBSD were
> changing their core packages to move out perl, I'm not sure, but I think
> that I read that)
> The XML based format sounds better for me.

Hmm yes.. when embedding python one actually link statically with
libpython.a. It probably still requires python runtime though.. Haven't
checked. Well, HAL is a freedesktop project so it's prime consumers are
desktop environments and applications, so requiring python may be ok.
But I do see your point..

Anyone else got a take on python vs. XML?

> I could help here, I have some IEEE1394 devices

That would be excellent. AFAICS it should only require changes in
hal_hotplug.c. (which will hopefully be phased out soon in favor of
integration with linux-hotplug)

Many thanks,

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