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Mailing list: xlibs at pdx.freedesktop.org
Wiki: xlibs.freedesktop.org

Discussion on the X Window System libraries are welcome here. 

These include: 

* xlibs - meta module with a script to checkout and build other modules 
* Randr - X Resize and Rotate extension headers 
* Render - X Render extension headers 
* ResourceExt - X Resource usage extension headers 
* SM - Session Management library 
* X11 - Base X libs 
* XExtensions - various extension headers 
* XRes - X Resource usage library 
* Xau - Authorization Protocol for X 
* Xcursor - Client-side cursor loading library 
* Xdmcp - X Display Manager Control Protocol library 
* Xext - X Extension library 
* Xfont - X font libary (used by the X server) 
* Xft - X FreeType library. Client-side fonts with FreeType 
* Xi - X Input extension library 
* Xproto - X protocol and ancilary headers 
* Xrandr - X Resize and Rotate extension library 
* Xrender - X Render extension library 
* xtrans - network API translation layer to insulate X applications and
libraries from OS network vageries

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