HAL 0.1 release

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Sat Oct 11 06:57:56 EEST 2003

On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 19:46, David Zeuthen wrote:
> > BTW, for the icon problem - I'd expect devices to have an Icon property,
> > returning an icon name to be looked up using the icon theme spec.
> > 
> Thinking that this should be optional, I'd rather use the fact that the
> capabilities list is ordered. Also the console tools for hal, such as
> lshal, won't show icons!

Properties are optional, no? They don't have to be provided (and if
provided don't have to be used).

Seems to me you want the devicetype->iconname mapping to be somewhere,
and logically it's in libhal. Where else would you put it?

A simple alternative is to make the mapping a mechanical one. 
For example, if the device type is Foo, the icon is also named Foo. This
would reduce the icon problem to a one-liner in either the HAL spec or
icon theme spec. Only issue here is namespacing (what if you have a
device type Foo and also an application named Foo, or whatever); icon
theme spec has the idea of contexts IIRC that may solve that.

Re: using ordering to indicate the primary device, I'd say that's pretty
fragile/"magic". I'd rather see an explicit property Primary=Foo or


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