Cursor conventions spec

Fredrik Höglund fredrik at
Thu Oct 16 00:58:24 EEST 2003


I've added a new Wiki page with a proposed cursor conventions and naming
spec. The cursors in the spec are basically a combination of the standard
cursors in .NET, OSX, Qt/KDE, Gtk+, Java, and CSS 3. I think this is a good
start given that both Qt and Gtk+ are cross-platform toolkits.

Note that I didn't include the .NET panning cursors, or the CSS 3 move
cursor. I skipped the latter because both Khtml and Gecko use the fleur
cursor for that, which looks exactly like the description of the scroll-all
cursor. The spec doesn't specify how the move cursor should be rendered
however, and CSS 2.1 doesn't have the scroll-all cursor.

The names are based on the CSS 3 spec, but we should probably come up
with better names for some of them, since the CSS 3 names are somewhat
ambiguous. E.g pointer was the name of the arrow cursor in the spec Keith
proposed on the gtk-devel list, but in CSS it's the name of the pointing-
hand cursor.

I based the descriptions both on Keiths spec and the API documentation
for the respective platforms.

Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.


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