HAL ideas from mac

Marc Boris Dürner mduerner at gmx.net
Mon Oct 20 00:20:43 EEST 2003

> It would probably be useful to factor all the volume handling stuff out 
> into a daemon (using hal objects and dbus interfaces) as Carlos suggested 
> earlier? 
What do you mean by volume handling? It may be that I misunderstood this,
but if it 
involves mounting/unmounting drives to a defined place in the fs, then I
would advise 
against including anything like this in HAL (at this time). Every
distribution configures the 
system differently and it would cause them more problems than it solves
(speaking for 
ArkLinux here). For the moment I would refrain from doing any system
configuration via 
HAL even if it appears trivial. 
But I could be wrong... 

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