HAL ideas from mac

Marc Boris Dürner mduerner at gmx.net
Mon Oct 20 00:53:20 EEST 2003

>The idea is that hal will be integrated with every distro that wants it 
>so yes, it's a way to handle mounting/unmounting drives. 
I know what HAL is, but I dont think it should be a configuration tool! 
I am just against the BootProgram/ShutdownProgram/ConfigureProgram
Properties in the 
HAL 0.1 spec. This is an awkward solution that may work for simple cases
like mounting/
unmounting, but not for more complicated things. 
>You will get cd/dvd change notifications and of course, you will get 
>true plug&play hard drives like any modern Operating system. 
If you want to write a volume manager that would be better! I dont know how
good the 
existing ones like supermount etc are. 
>Of course, you will be able to deactivate it. 
I dont want to develop something that everyone has to deactivate, because it
break the system 

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