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Robert Woerle robert at
Mon Oct 27 12:01:56 EET 2003

I checked out the cvs of xserver and xlibs ( as Keith told me i ll need 
some xlibs stuff )

i found the and executed ..
but then it didnt found the pkg-config variables for the packages it need`s

I ve pkg-config installed but i am not very familar with it ...
i am using a Suse 8.2 distro to work on ... pls advise me how to build 
my sources here ?
sorry for that maybe stupid question but i did not use the pkg-config ever .

I ll try to figure all things by my self as i can ...

Cheers Rob

Robert Woerle schrieb:

> Hi
> i am new to freedesktop ---
> i now need to check how far the smi rotation stuff there is and how i 
> can make my touchscreen work with this kdrive interfaces ...
> any hint is welcome now in my beginning
> Cheers Rob

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