Figuring out the menu path of a desktop file

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Sep 4 23:10:59 EEST 2003

> Using the KDE framework it's rather straightforward, that makes it KDE 
> specific of course. Otoh if you want to highlight the option in the KDE menu, 
> you need KDE specific code anyway.

Yeah, I should have mentioned that we are trying to be desktop neutral,
so a dependency on KDE isn't doable.

> I can add a "kde-menu" tool for KDE 3.2 that does stuff like that. 

If you could do so, that would be good. If I can't find a different way
before then, we can detect it at runtime and use it then, so KDE 3.2
users get an extra freebie.

thanks -mike

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