Icon Theme Spec Patch

Jonathan Blandford jrb at redhat.com
Tue Sep 16 01:45:09 EEST 2003

Alexander Larsson <alexl at redhat.com> writes:

> And while we're changing this we should discuss the position of the
> icons directory in relation to other themes. Some people have proposed
> changing the location from ~/.icons/Themename/ to
> ~/.themes/Themename/icons. I dunno what the general opinion on this is.
> It is a larger change of the spec, requiring code changes bigger than
> just adding a new directory, but some like the way it stuctures the
> theme directory, allowing theme-balls that just untar in the themes dir.

Please.  I really would love to move icon-themes there if possible.
This would let you install a theme tarball with icons in one location.
Additionally, if we're going to move to the basedir spec dir lets get
rid of the hard-coding of /usr/ in the search path.


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