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Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Fri Sep 19 11:56:40 EEST 2003

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I have updated the menu-spec in CVS as version 0.7 (cvs r1.5) see also below.

Please check the CVS version if all your concerns have been properly


On Thursday 18 September 2003 20:42, you wrote:
> Hi,
> Some nitpicks on the layout stuff. Sorry for the (as usual) slow reply,
> this time I was on vacation. Overall the patch looks good.
> 1. In the intro you say that the presentation hints part of the spec is
> optional. However, it may not be clear to people which parts of the spec
> are in this category. Perhaps we should just list the exact elements
> which may be ignored.

I added a note to the Layout and DefaultLayout elements.

> 2. Agree that the in <foo bar="blah"/> bar is called an attribute and
> foo is called an element.

Changed that.

> 3. Is it an error to omit <Merge> in <Layout>/<DefaultLayout> or can it
> be inherited from the current <DefaultLayout>?

Yes, it is an error. No it can't be inherited:

                Each &lt;Layout&gt; or &lt;DefaultLayout&gt; element 
                shall have exactly one &lt;Merge type="all"&gt;
                element or it shall have exactly one &lt;Merge
                type="files"&gt; and exactly one
                &lt;Merge type="menus"&gt; element.


               The default-layout defines the suggested layout if a &lt;
                Menu&gt; element
                does either not have &lt;Layout&gt; element or if it has an
                empty &lt;Layout&gt; element.

An empty Layout element is an excemption to be able to revert to the default 
layout, I have add a note to make that clear.

> 4. Perhaps should specify under <Filename> exactly how it's matched in a
> <Layout> context? Or maybe there's only one sane way to do it, I haven't
> thought it through.

I don't think there is any difference between the two contexts.

> 5. Example seems to use <Menufile> - should be <Menuname>?


> 6. Probably shouldn't hyphenate desktop-entries (or should make the rest
> of the document do so also)

Removed the hyphenation.

> Havoc

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