Diff for review: Was: Menu spec: sorting

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Thu Sep 18 21:42:16 EEST 2003


Some nitpicks on the layout stuff. Sorry for the (as usual) slow reply,
this time I was on vacation. Overall the patch looks good.

1. In the intro you say that the presentation hints part of the spec is
optional. However, it may not be clear to people which parts of the spec
are in this category. Perhaps we should just list the exact elements
which may be ignored.

2. Agree that the in <foo bar="blah"/> bar is called an attribute and
foo is called an element.

3. Is it an error to omit <Merge> in <Layout>/<DefaultLayout> or can it
be inherited from the current <DefaultLayout>?

4. Perhaps should specify under <Filename> exactly how it's matched in a
<Layout> context? Or maybe there's only one sane way to do it, I haven't
thought it through.

5. Example seems to use <Menufile> - should be <Menuname>? 

6. Probably shouldn't hyphenate desktop-entries (or should make the rest
of the document do so also)


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