pkg-config search path

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Wed Sep 24 22:11:47 EEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 12:53, Keith Packard wrote:

> The list of directories searched can be OS-dependent; extract the relevant 
> path from whereever it's stored on the system.  Detecting the presence 
> (and utility) of /etc/ should be easy enough.
> >  - Owen has raised the issue of arch-independent .pc files 
> >      in datadir
> Yeah, that would be nice; would .pc files live in /usr/share then?

Most .pc files are architecture dependent -- they include flags
like -L/usr/lib64, and so forth.

But there are some cases where you have packages that are architecture
independent that you want to have .pc files for. An example being
the 'gtk-doc' perl scripts.

has details.

(Hmm, we should create a pkg-config component on, now that that exists)


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