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El vie, 26-09-2003 a las 04:45, Derek Foreman escribió:
> On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Carlos [ISO-8859-1] Perell Marn wrote:
> > Hi people, I'm working on a system wide Volume Manager (something like
> > autorun and magicdev) and I want it as a shared technology between
> > GNOME/KDE/Other desktops.
> > 
> > Here you have the initial draft:
> >
> > 
> > There you will see some initial things I have in my mind but they are
> > not definitive. I want something that all us could share so I need your
> > ideas/suggestions to improve it.
> I think it needs some kind of temporary disable option, possibly on a per 
> drive basis.
> The burning library I'm working on won't use a device if it's mounted, 
> so if a user inserts a CDRW with a valid filesystem on it, they won't be 
> able to blank it or burn to it until they unmount it.
> (insert, unmount, burn.. seems counterintuitive, and I think I'll end up 
> fielding thousands of "can't blank CDRW" bug reports :)

You could just send an unmount message.

> Same problem with backing up a disc.  if it's inserted while my program is 
> running, it's probably a safe assumption the user doesn't want it 
> automounted.

Backing up a disc?

> How do you do the automounting with CDs?  some CDROM drives take a few 
> seconds to figure out they're empty if you're just polling with mount.  It 
> might not be a good idea to manage all cdrom drives in all cases.

It's an ioctl poll.

> If it's polling, then a far more interesting failure mode is a race
> between mount and erase on a CDRW.  app opens device, locks drive door,
> gives a 5 second warning that all contents will be lost.  automounter
> kicks in, mounts the volume, runs an auto run script.  app sends the blank
> disc command...

I will not execute any autorun script, that's a Nautilus/Konqueror task.
I will only notify about CD insertions and places where they are

The idea is that all applications work together with the daemon, so if
you are listen for the server events you can just request an unmount and
then erase the CD/DVD, or you will be notified about a blank CDR
insertion, etc...

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