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Fri Sep 26 20:11:56 EEST 2003

El vie, 26-09-2003 a las 17:20, Ben Jansens escribió:
> On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 04:19:07PM +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> > As discussed on irc, i don't agree that this brings ease of use to
> > console users. It can easily cause mountpoints with spaces and other
> > strange characters in them, and possibly even mountpoint names that
> > don't validate as utf8/current encoding, leading to problems with
> > entering the pathname.
> > 
> > Furthermore i think console users are used to type a specific, short
> > identifier to reach a specific device. Changing the mountpoint depending
> > on what media is in the device will make it harder to find and type the
> > right pathname.
> > 
> > We disagree on this, so I'm interested in other peoples opinions.
> I agree with Alex on this fully. If I have a script to perform some action
> on files on my cdrom, it is not going to work at all if it has to guess the
> volume name. If I am not aware of the volume name (which I am not for a
> single CD that I own), then i cannot just browse the /mnt/cdrom dir to see
> what it is, first i have to look just to find what the directory is called.

I'm not saying that Alex is wrong, but you have the same problem now.

As I asked Alex at irc, What will you do when you have more than one CD
drive?, where is you CD? (/mnt/cdrom, /mnt/cdrom0, /mnt/cdrom1, etc..)

And what happens with Hybrid CDs? we cannot mount audio CD, but perhaps
Linux kernel gets a cddafs in, then, Where will you mount the data track
and where the audio ones? You have also Hybrid data CDs, for example
HFS/ISO ones (the ones with MacOS data and also PC  data)...

You have also the "problem" with external CD drives, you don't know how
much USB/IEEE1394 drives could have a user, you cannot be sure which
device will use it so you cannot say  "I will always mount /dev/scd1 at

We should find a good solution for all those things, my proposal does
not solve those problems, but just let the user know what's under every
mount point as long as they know the label they gave to that CD/Hard
Disk, it's just bring the Nautilus/Konqueror Volume management to
console, GTK, QT and any other widget set that does not know anything
about Volumes, this way the user will see the same.

> I would find working with that arrangement unpleasant and frustrating.

I don't see that your point improve the situation, it has the same

After all those comments, I think that we could postpone this discussion
after we have the system working, the volume label as mount point is not
a difficult change and perhaps we could just let the user
activate/deactivate it. We should follow with the infrastructure
development (the most critical issue) and then we could talk about those
small issues that will only affect Applications that does not use the
HAL library.

> Ben


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