_NET: Disabling shading

Denis O. Mikhalkin dom at sparc.spb.su
Tue Sep 30 17:22:40 EEST 2003


we want to open the discussion regarding support for shading in
different WMs, in particular those implementing _NET protocol.

Right now there is no means in _NET protocol to disable shading for
a window. There is no state of the window in which the WM would
consider shading for this window disabled. We propose to add a special
state to support disabled shading.

There are several kinds of windows and situations when it is very
important that user sees the window and pays immediate attention to it.
This can be a security warning/confirmation or confirmation/notification
about the critical system state or resources. Such windows are usually
made non-resizable(so that user is unable to unintentionally resize it
to zero size and "hide"), modal(so that it stays on top and attracts
attention), non-minimizable(so that user is unable to hide it), blocking
input and focus(so that the user is unable to continue interaction since
the behavior of the program strictly depends on the user's answer).

For all those cases, additionally to the properties usually applied to
the window, we think shading should be disabled as well.

Since there are no hints describing different properties of window and
including shading, we propose to add one more state to the window
state list:
_NET_WM_STATE_DISABLE_SHADING - indicates that shading of the window
should be disabled.

WMs seeing this state should remove shading action from menu and should
disregard requests for _NET_WM_STATE_SHADED state.

Sun AWT team.

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