The "umount - device is busy" issue: wbumount

Anthony Metcalf anthony.metcalf at
Tue Apr 20 16:15:31 EEST 2004

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:55:50 +0200
nf <nf2 at> wrote:

> > At the moment i'm using udev/dbus/hal/gnome-volume-manager (in
> > fluxbox) for all my hotplugging needs, I will see tonight if you app
> > supports this. :)
> watch for "user={currentuser}" in /etc/mtab. that's what wbumount
> checks before running /sbin/fuser -vm {mountpoint}.

I was thinking something more along the lines of start wbumount-gtk,
then plug in a usb stick, a few cd's that sort of thing, see if anything
shows up. :)
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