[Utopia] is there a security spec that is above MIME etc

Jerry Haltom wasabi at larvalstage.net
Sat Aug 28 21:22:13 EEST 2004

It sounds to me like all of these are unrelated to MIME and more about
general system configuration.

> MIME types. I mean like the group users is not allowed to play mp3
> files and is prohibited to write on a cdrw but is allowed to read it
> (this would need a media spec).

Then don't install MP3 software.

> Interresting would also be (for the utopia project) to be able to not
> allow certain groups to mount usb sticks (usb sticks form a easy way
> to save secret info, could be a security risk for some companies)

These are handled through fstab, are they not? Just like any unix mount,
you can disable this or limit it to a specific group.

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