Search list for icons

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Wed Dec 1 23:14:24 EET 2004

I mentioned this is another post, but I thought that I should make a separate 
post about this.  I propose that the specification should allow a list of icons 
to search.

In a 'desktop' file:



{better names would help, but these are the icons that I have on my system.]

I think that these examples illustrates the issue which I note will probably be 
used mostly with MIME types.  There is an ongoing debate with KDE as to whether 
we should use specific or generic icons for MIME types.  It appears to me that 
we could accommodate both.

This brings up another issue.  How should the search be structured?  This 
becomes an issue since it is highly probable that if the user has chosen an icon 
theme that only the generic icon will be available in the theme and the specific 
icon will probably be HiColor installed by the application itself.


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