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Randy.Dunlap rddunlap at osdl.org
Sun Dec 5 22:11:06 EET 2004

Avi Alkalay wrote:
> On Sun, 05 Dec 2004 12:57:30 -0500, Sean Middleditch
> <elanthis at awesomeplay.com> wrote:
>>Avi Alkalay wrote:
>>>I'm having a look at inotify, which is the basis for gamin.
>>Don't tie your code to inotify, tie it to something like gamin.  Gamin
>>can abstract away the different OS interfaces, so that machines without
>>inotify will still have some form of notification (dnotify, polling,
>>whatever).  There's no good reason to reimplement that code yourself.
> Yeah I know.... I'll try to stick in the high level, but I'm worried
> about dependencies. It makes no sense to have /lib/libkdb.so depending
> on libs under /usr/lib.
> The 5 minutes I spent reading about inotify made me believe it is a
> kernel module, but I couldn't find it, nor the /dev entry, nor the
> dmesg messages in the FC2 machine I have close to me right now. Is
> this stuff already included in regular distros kernels ?

It's being proposed as a config option (not as a loadable
kernel module).  If any distro has it, it could end up being
different from what becomes merged into mainline, although
it's still not there yet AFAICT, but I expect it will be soon.

> I'm still studing all of this....


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