Cross-desktop helpers

Tim Ringenbach omarvo at
Sat Dec 11 22:15:52 EET 2004

Chas Honton wrote:

> Shaun McCance wrote:
>> No, I don't think so.  People aren't going to have the sound recorder
>> set as the default handler for WAV files.  And even if they did, the
>> order or operations is all wrong.  You don't open a WAV file with the
>> sound recorder.  You call the sound recorder, and get a WAV file back
>> from it.  (Well, all right, if you're calling it from an application,
>> you probably need to give it a location under /tmp or something, so you
>> can read the file back into your program.) 
> On windows, the registry has seperate commands per action. There has 
> been talk of the xdg mime database supporting action verbs other than 
> "open".  So the sound recorder could be found with a mimetype audio or 
> audio/wav, action "edit".
IMO, having an "open" verb is wrong. Open is too ambiguous. Users don't 
want to open files, they want to view files, or edit files, etc. No one 
opens a file for the sake of opening it, it's always for a reason. 
Granted, you don't always know what a user wants, so one verb needs to 
be default, per mimetype. There could also be a "new" verb, e.g. this 
application can create a new file/new data of the given mime type.


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