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Tue Dec 21 09:52:49 EET 2004

    LDTP (Linux Desktop Testing Project) hosted in

About LDTP:

In windows domain there are many GUI automation tools, which can
recognize the GUI as "objects" and not just with co-ordinates.
Unfortunately, Open Source Linux GUI automation tools are not matured up
to that level - at least to my knowledge ;) . Without this advancement
in the test automation space, it would become difficult to make good

*Things that can be leveraged:*
There are many tool independent automation frameworks available in the
Open Source. One of them  which leverages the STAF framework is
considered to be more useful. This is hosted in

*Our Goal:*
We wanted to develop a tool and a framework for test automation, which
is context/object sensitive and much more productive than the commercial

*Where are we now:*
We have used the architecture from SAFSDEV and leveraged the
accessibility framework in Linux (at-spi APIs). This framework is known
as Linux Desktop Testing Project, shortly ldtp. This is application
independent, tool-kit independent(GTK, Java (swing), QT 4.0), reusable
and efficient. This tool is in its pre-alpha stage. This application
works with Mozilla, Firefox,, Java based applications,
GNOME, KDE (4.0 onwards).

We are interested in hosting our project in

Is this the right list to post project hosting request ? BTW, I have 
posted this mail to xdg-list at, but the mail bounced with 
this info '(550 <xdg-list at>: Recipient address rejected: 
User unknown in local recipient table)'. In main page, 
this email id is specified. Is this a known issue ?


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