New clipboard proposal

Diego Calleja diegocg at
Fri Dec 31 15:14:14 EET 2004

El Fri, 31 Dec 2004 03:09:37 +0100 Philip Van Hoof <spamfrommailing at> escribió:

> The same clipboard manager could be used to get clipboards from console
> applications to the X environment (the other way around). Easily by
> pushing a new clipboard and telling it should become clipboard-owner on
> X while using that new clipboard.

Yes, I have missed that some times too, like Rene Rebe said in another mail,
but lots of console applications programmers have some 30-years-old unix
habits; i was wondering if it's worth of it ;)

> Not only console-application to X11. Also other such situations. For
> example plugins for such a clipboard manager that make the clipboard
> shareable on a network (using some sort of authentication of course).

If it's going to use DBUS, couldn't be DBUS who is "network transparent"
ie: networking could be transparent for apps who use DBUS? 

A quick look to the DBUS specification seems to confirm this, there's a
"TCP/IP transport":

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