[slightly OT] projects suited for freedesktop.org ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Mon Feb 2 21:28:43 EET 2004


in the KDE camp we have currently some projects going which deal with 
improving the integration of non-KDE apps with the KDE desktop.

These are e.g. the qt-gtk-theme, which enables gtk applications to use the 
same style as Qt applications. The same could be done the other way round, 
developing a Qt style which can use gtk styles. Since this would probably 
benefit from cooperation between the developers, we consider it a good idea 
to have a common place where this stuff can be hosted.
Additionally there is the qt-gtk library, with which Qt/KDE dialogs can be 
used in gtk-applications. Also there is the fuse kio bridge, which enables 
all linux-applications to use the kde ioslaves. 

Are these projects suited to fd.o, i.e. would you mind to host them ?

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