KDrive/TinyX newbie questions

Raphael J. Schmid raphael.schmid at gmx.de
Tue Feb 3 16:15:26 EET 2004

Hi All,

I'm mailing as to clear up some confusion I've built up regarding 
KDrive/TinyX. That confusion mostly stems from the fact that looking 
for KDrive/TinyX on Google, you get quite some pages, most of them 
pretty old. Then I built it according to the informations on one of those
sites, from the standard XFree86 4.3.0 sources -- but I've no idea if 
what I got actually was KDrive/TinyX. And to add to all that, there's
now an independant source base for an X server at freedesktop.org.

Now, my questions are:
  - What exactly is KDrive, and what exactly is TinyX?
  - Is KDrive/TinyX what I actually want for an old IBM
    ThinkPad 701CS with a Chips & Technologies 65545
    (1MB Video RAM)? It's been running XFree86 3.3.6
    so far, but I'm looking for something less... overkill.
  - If so, do I want the Xvesa server or the Xchips server?
  - Should I use XFree86 4.3.0 or the stuff to be found in
    fd.o's CVS repository?
  - How exactly do you compile KDrive/TinyX from those
    sources, respectively, _nowadays_? According to one
    of the sites I found through Google, you've to do this:

    #define KDriveXServer YES
    #define TinyXServer YES
    #define XvesaServer YES
    #define ProjectRoot /usr/X11R6
    #define BuildLBX YES
    #define BuildDBE YES
    #define KdriveServerExtraDefines -DPIXPRIV
    #define BuildRandR                 YES
    #define BuildXInputLib             YES
    #define Freetype2Dir               $(TOP)/extras/freetype2
    #define Freetype2LibDir            $(TOP)/exports/lib
    #define BuildXTrueType             YES
    #define BuildScreenSaverExt        YES
    #define BuildScreenSaverLibrary    YES
    #define SharedLibXss               YES
    #define ServerXdmcpDefines
    #define XfbdevServer               YES

     not much explanation provided and it all looks
     a little confusing).

I'd be grateful for even the most humble hints and/or pointers.

With kind regards from Germany,

Raphael Schmid
Martin-Luther-Strasse 26
72224 Ebhausen

raphael at arrivingarrow.net

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